Prinz Pi


Germany - Berlin


Born in Berlin-Charlottenburg, PRINZ PI grew up as Friedrich Kautz in Schlachtensee –one of the most expensive locations in Zehlendorf. Sounds like an ideal world, but lateral thinker Kautz makes an album out of this environment, calls it “Rebell ohne Grund”, which also suits him well, because he cannot be pigeonholed. Maybe it was this contrast between external environment and internal sensation, which gave him the reason to become a rebel and an artist. Because behind pseudonyms like Doc Murdock is more: poets, graffiti artists and a little bit of an outsider. 


He is a German rapper and especially modern visionary. Just like Frederick, Prince Pi grew up. Already after school he began to write. Impetuous, angry lyrics, which became more and more perfect over the years, until he found a firm language for himself. The tempestuous revolutionary became the questioning poet and deals primarily with socially critical topics. His songs reflect authentically life stages of the respective moments of origin - always his “Kompass ohne Norden” the title of one of his albums. As central motifs he uses themes like love and the thin line to hate, death and loss, and the emergence and passing of Friendships. 


The iGod, as he calls himself, translates sensitive experiences into lyrics, in which the present generation finds itself. He is now 40 and still lives in Berlin with his wife and children. The inner rebel still exists - he has released 14 solo albums. 

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