Peepal Tree

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India - Bengaluru

About the Artist

Peepal Tree is rooted in Bangalore and travel all over the country and abroad, performing original music and uniquely reimagined covers. One can find, in their own music, traces of all their influences that come together to create a sound that is new, while at the same time providing glimpses into its origins.  

The band was chosen by All India Radio to represent the country in the ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) Radio Song Festival in 2015 and happens to be the only band from India to have done so till now.  

Peepal Tree has played some of the biggest music festivals in the country such as NH7, OctoberFest, and GoMad and their first two music videos were released to widespread acclaim across the country. The band has also performed with world renowned musicians like Jojo Mayer from the band Nerve, and Christian Galvez. Their recently released debut album ‘Chetana’, got rave reviews, topping the iTunes Rock Albums chart and reaching number 3 on the overall Albums chart.

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