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M-Sonic was formed in 2002, hailing form the small state of Assam in north-east India. They came into prominence after their captivating performances got them to the finals of India's Got Talent in 2009.  

Their renditions of popular tracks 'Piya Re' & 'Vande Maataram' captured the aural senses of the judges and viewers nationwide. 

Be it Bollywood, Sufi or Hard rock hits, M-Sonic always aims to maintain the melody of the songs which they perform with high levels of sonic driven passion and energy. Their singles 'Xeema' & 'Tere Bina'  have already featured on poplar TV channels.  

The band has performed in more than 700 shows all over the country and has also performed abroad in Bangladesh, Singapore & China. M-Sonic was invited to Seoul, South Korea for the Indo-Korean Independence day celebrations in 2011. 

M-Sonic believes in musically powered performances without any gimmicks and they play to entertain all age groups.

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